Clubbercise & Zumba with Wahida
Clubbercise & Zumba Classes in Berkshire
Health Information

Please see separate tab where you can download and print your health questionnaire.

Important information see below:
No previous experience or dance ability required!  

The classes are aimed at all ages from 16yrs and over, no upper age limit however

All levels of fitness, all shapes & sizes are welcome to come and join in the fun at our Fitness  Party!

Before Joining The Class  

If you have been or are suffering from an illness / injury, or are starting a new weight loss program / excercise regime or even if you have been inactive for sometime, we would advise you to consult your G.P. prior to starting any new fitness program.  Once you have your G.P's permission please also make me aware of any health issues you have before the class starts.

Zumba Fitness & Clubbercise is NOT recommended during pregnancy but imagine all the fun you can have getting back into shape after the baby arrives!

During The Class

Pushing yourself too hard, too early, will only stop you from enjoying yourself, therefore missing out on the benefits of leading a healthier and longer life!

What to Wear to The Class

You should choose comfortable loose fitting clothing that won't interfere with dance / excercise movements.  T shirts, jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts that will stretch and move with your body. 

Trainers MUST be worn!  Barefeet or high heels are not an option!  

What To Bring To The Class

 Water to rehydrate yourself, a sweat towel  you will need it ! and of course a fun loving, party attitude!  Please allow 2 hours after meals before coming to class as we work abs internally during the dance moves.



You must be aged 16 and over to take part in any of the Zumba® Fitness  Party Classes or 14+ if accompanied by an adult.

Clubbercise Classes are 16 and over.  If ever in a nightclub they will be strictly over 18s only

Zumba Fitness & Clubbercise is NOT recommended during pregnancy